16.01–Publications Committee


There shall be a Publications Committee which shall publish or cause to be published the Corporation’s newsletter and any other publications that are authorized by the Board and which shall undertake such further duties as the Board may authorize.  

The Publications Committee shall consist of:     



A Chair, elected who shall be a director of the Corporation and entitled to vote at all meetings thereof, and shall be selected by an Election pursuant to Article 9 hereof.  

The Chair of the Publications Committee shall:

Hold the position of Chair for FOUR (4) years from the date of assumption of such position, PROVIDED THAT such position shall be automatically vacated: 

if the holder of such position has resigned from either such position by delivering a written resignation to the Secretary of the Corporation; 

if the holder of such position is found by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be of unsound mind; 

if the holder of such position becomes bankrupt or suspends payment or compounds with his or her creditors; or 

upon death of the holder of such position.

PROVIDED FURTHER THAT if any vacancy shall occur for any reason in this subparagraph contained, the Board may by majority vote to appoint another Member to fill the vacancy so created, with such appointment expiring upon the expiration of the remainder of the term of the former holder of such positions so vacated.

Other members appointed by the Chair, such members to hold membership in the Committee at the will of the Chair and of the Board. 


 All members of the Publications Committee must be Members of the Corporation.