Section 9. Affiliated Groups

Upon approval by the board, members of the Corporation may form affiliated groups that, providing that they are not in conflict with the vision, mission, goals or by-laws of the Corporation, function as a self-governing organization within the Corporation under conditions approved by and modified by the board and set out in 9.03. Affiliates may perform such activities as may be required by the board .

9.01. Constituencies

The constituencies include the Educational Developers Caucus and the the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows .

(a) In addition to the conditions of 9.03 (Rules and regulations) the Chair of a Constituency is a director of the Corporation .

9.02. Special interest groups

(a) Members who wish to promote a special interest group must submit an application to the Board a rational for the group, objectives, a petition signed by no fewer than ten (10) members who wish to promote the group and who intend to maintain its active bona fide existence, a proposed constitution, and by-laws .

(b) If the board approves the application, official recognition will be issued authorizing the formation and election of Officers for the Special Interest Group

9.03. Rules and requirements

(a) All members of an affiliate must be members of the Corporation and meet at least once a year with one meeting being an Annual General Meeting.

(b) Subject to board’s approval, the Corporation may give affiliates financial and administrative support, including a member’s mailing list for affiliate business. Funds raised by, or provided to an affiliate from outside the Corporation, shall be under the control of the Corporation, except funds held in trust for special purposes identified by the affiliate and approved by the board.

(c) Officers are elected for a two year term and include a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, or at the discretion of the affiliated group a Secretary-Treasurer in lieu of the separate positions of Secretary and Treasurer. The term of office for a director may be renewed only once for an additional two year term. As required by the affiliate additional officers may be added subject to the approval of the Board.

(d) At a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation the affiliate is required to submit to the Secretary of the Corporation a report summarizing its activities for the past year, plans and, for constituencies, a budget for the upcoming year, and any additional information that the Board may request.

(e) The Board may withdraw recognition of an Affiliate if the Affiliate doesn’t demonstrate active progress in the pursuit of its objectives and purposes as approved by the board, or fails to comply with 9.03 (Rules and Regulations). Requirements for reinstatement are the same as those described in 9.02 (Special interest groups )