Policy 3 – Nominations Committee

3.01 Elected positions

The Nominations Committee seeks out suitable candidates for the Executive Officers (President/President Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and Chairs of the Standing Committees who are elected, unless indicated otherwise, by ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and serve for four years starting at the first meeting of the Board after the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary of the Society is responsible for governance issues for the Society and provides guidance and direction to the Nominations Committee with the exception of when the Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the position of Secretary. In this circumstance the Vice-President will provide guidance and direction to the Committee. If nominations are sought for both the Vice-President and the Secretary then the President or President-Elect will guide and assist the Nominations Committee.

3.02 Nominations Committee Members

Subject to the approval of the Board, the Nominations Committee consists of three members of the Society appointed at, or shortly after, the Annual General Meeting when a call for interested members is circulated to all members of the Society. It is important that the Nominations Committee maintain an arm’s length relationship with the existing Board and for this reason Board members are excluded from being on the Nominations Committee. The Secretary, or designate if the position of secretary is part of the election, provides guidance and assistance but does not attend committee meetings or vote.

3.03 Nominations and elections

a. Call for nominations

In February/March of each year the Nominations Committee prepares and circulates to all Members of the Society a call for nominations which includes:

  • A request for nominees, self-nominees or identification of possible potential candidates from current members of STLHE
  • A description of responsibilities for the position and a link to the position as described in the bylaws.
  • A request from nominees for a short 250 word expression of interest, written in their preferred language of either French or English, (the Society will prepare the translation of the expression of interest), and a photo. It should be clearly stated that candidates do not campaign and the written expression of interest, its translation, and photo posted on the STLHE website and are the only ballot information available to members.
  • Contact information for the Chair of the Nominations Committee who receives the nominations and responds to any questions or requests for additional information
  • A deadline for submission that allows for a minimum two weeks nomination period.

b. Ballot, voting, and announcement of results

The Secretary of the Society, or designate, if the position of secretary is part of the election, confirms the STLHE membership and willingness of the nominees to stand for the vacant positions. If at the end of the nomination period there are positions for which there are no nominations, the Chair of the Nominations Committee informs the Board. The Board will decide whether to extend the nominations period or to leave the position vacant and reopen the nomination process later. The Nominee’s Statements of interest and photos will be posted on the STLHE website at least four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Society and a link to the nominees and ballot information will be included in the Notice of Annual General Meeting that is circulated at the same time.

Ballots for voting include: a page with voting instructions, a page for each position being elected containing the statement of interest and photo of each nominee, with the ballot at the bottom page for each position with choices that include a list of the Candidates’ names and an option to abstain from voting. If there is only one nominee for a position the Chair informs the Secretary who seeks the Board’s approval for acclamation or extension of the nomination period. Subject to the approval of the Board, an acclaimed candidate appears on the ballot for ratification of their position by the membership with the choices: approve, disapprove, and abstain from voting. Each member of the Society receives a link, and unique access to the ballots two weeks before the start of the Annual General Meeting and voting starts immediately and runs for two weeks, closing two hours before the start of the Annual Meeting. This extended period allows for members from across the country, not just those at the Annual Conference to participate in STLHE elections.

In the two hours prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Nominations Committee counts ballots and the results are given to the Secretary who then informs the Board of the results. At the Annual General Meeting of the Society, the Secretary announces the Election results along with the participation rate to assure the membership that quorum has been met during the vote. If the vote results in a tie, and there is no winner, the election process will be restarted. The President contacts the successful nominees to confirm their ability to serve on the Board and if requested can provide the percentage score of the candidate’s ballot. If the winner declines to serve the nominee with the second largest number of votes is offered the position.  

A formal announcement to all Members of the Society of the election results are included in a notification sent out immediately after the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

This policy was approved by the Board, by online Ballot on November 28, 2015 with 11 votes for approval, no votes against, or abstentions. One Board member did not vote.