By-laws and policies (Retired June 2016)

BY-LAW No. 1 (Retired at STLHE AGM June 23, 2016 )

A by-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Société pour l’avancement de la pédagogie dans l’enseignement supérieur) (the “Corporation”)

Section 1. General
Section 2. Membership – Matters Requiring Special Resolution
Section 3. Membership Dues, Termination and Discipline
Section 4. Meeting of Members
Section 5. Directors
Section 6. Meeting of Directors
Section 7. Officers
Section 8. Notices
Section 9. Affiliated Groups
Section 10. Dispute Resolution
Section 11. Effective Date

Policies (Retired at STLHE AGM June 23, 2016)

Statement of Vision and Goals
Policy 1. Membership
Policy 2. Standing Committees
Policy 3. Nominations Committee
Policy 4. Executive Committee
Policy 5. Board of Directors
Policy 6. Affiliated Groups
Policy 7. Sponsorships, Affiliations, and Partnerships (Under revision)
Policy 8. Travel
Policy 9. Administrative unit (Draft)


Resources and archive

  • Policy and Procedures Manual Volume 1 (2011). This PDF link is the Policy and procedures manual was in use prior to the change in by-laws in 2012 Policy and Procedures Manual Volume 2 (September 2012): This PDF link includes revisions to policies and procedures to accompany the 2012 change in By-laws.
  • Members discussion forum: A moderated discussion forum on the proposed by-laws has been set up inside the STLHE members Center. The forum includes discussion area on the general nature of the by-laws and each of the sections. Please provide you comments, suggestions and questions and we will get back to you with clarifications and answers as required. Use this link to go to the login screen of the STLHE Member’s Center.
  • Guide to the 2015 proposed by-law changes. This web page provides a section by section summary of the changes in the by-laws. This same information is available in the by-laws discussion forum.
  • Annotated copy of the 2012 by-laws. This PDF of the old by-laws has highlights showing which parts were transferred to the proposed 2015 by-law
  • Annotated copy of the proposed by-laws: This PDF of the proposed 2015 by-laws shows the original source for the different parts of the proposed 2015 by-laws
  • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act: This PDF is a copy of the Act
  • Corporations Canada: There are two tools for building by-laws under the new Act. These links will take you to a set of sample/model by-laws and the by-law builder with all the more detailed types of components that can be included in by-laws.
  • By-laws (2012 Retired)
  • By-laws (2011 Retired)
  • Constitution and By-laws (Approved June25, 1998)