2020 Nominations for STLHE Board of Directors

Nominee for STLHE President:

Denise Stockley

Denise Stockley | Queen’s University

As I look towards the end of my first term as President, I am humbled by the amazing things we have accomplished together within STLHE. As post-secondary institutions and our country closed around us, we mobilized to meet community needs by creating https://keepteaching.ca/ a website of curated resources and weekly webinars to support our community’s learning and well-being.

We also launched Teaching and Learning Networks, Regional Events, and Board Outreach initiatives. We renegotiated the Desire2Learn Innovation Award, and the 3M National Student and Teaching Fellowships. Among many other initiatives, we completed the 30-year impact study of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Further, we negotiated a new administrative structure with the introduction of an Executive Director, thereby increasing our stability for the future. In June 2020, we launch a year of celebration for the 40th Anniversary of STLHE, a milestone and testament to the strength, endurance, and commitment of our community.

For many of us however, COVID-19 has disrupted our best laid plans and forced us to evaluate our priorities as we look towards what and who matters. This community matters to me, so I am putting my name forward for a second term as President to provide continued stewardship, stability and growth in these times of uncertainty. As a Professor and Scholar in Higher Education I have institutional support from Queen’s University for this nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve as your President as we navigate the days ahead.



Nominee for Chair of the Standing Committee for Student Advocacy:

Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon | Bishop’s UniversityGeorges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon

My name is Georges-Philippe and I study Mathematics and Psychology at Bishop’s University, where I’ll be the Vice-President Academic Affairs for the Students Representative Council during the academic year 2020-2021. Through this position and my ongoing internship as a Maple League and Jarislowsky research fellow in undergraduate teaching excellence, I strive to foster individualized student experiences through an inclusive approach to quality higher education. During my internship, I have done research on several issues in order to advise on programs that challenge the status quo and improve the state of post-secondary education in Canada. I’m passionate about using a data-driven approach to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. I have been advocating for an increase in sustainable practices and in experiential learning opportunities and will continue to do so while taking into account my fellow students’ perspective. This student perspective is crucial to anything we want to accomplish, and that is why I want to be the next Chair for the Student Advocacy Committee of the STLHE.



Nominees for Chair of the Standing Committee for Publications:

Shirley Hall

Shirley Hall | Wilfrid Laurier

As a lifelong learner with a passion for teaching and learning in higher education, and an educational developer at Wilfrid Laurier, I bring 15 years of experience in teaching and learning, course, program and curriculum design supporting faculty, graduate students, and staff to this role. My academic background in teaching architecture, research in design and education, and service in the public and private sector strengthens my ability to carry out the responsibilities of the role, and I am keen to further the vision and goals of STLHE in this capacity.

Having served on various boards and committees, I enjoy collaborating with students, faculty and staff by supporting and enabling their development. Along with my ethical commitment to quality teaching in higher education, I have gained experiences that provide a strong foundation for the Chair position. At the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University, I have contributed to multi-institutional research studies, conference planning and subsequent publications, and taken part in collaborative writing groups dedicated to advancing SoTL. I have served as a reviewer for STLHE conference submissions, led departmental and program and curricular review processes, and have a deep appreciation for the continued cultivation and success of STLHE publications.

As a member of the Board, I look forward to serving our incredibly creative, professional, and collaborative STLHE community. I am personable and approachable, open to views diverging from my own, and enjoy building relationships in which all voices are heard.


Neil Haave | University of Alberta

Neil HaaveI have been teaching in the biology program at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta since receiving my doctorate in pathology from the University of British Columbia in the early 1990s. At Augustana, I have served as both Dept Chair (Science) and Associate Dean (Teaching). This term I am completing my secondment to our university’s Centre for Teaching and Learning as Associate Director (SoTL). From 2014-2017 I managed and co-edited STLHE’s Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT). My publications in teaching and learning range from undergraduate research, e-portfolios, learning philosophies to biology curricula. Currently, I serve on the Advisory Board of The Teaching Professor Conference and am a consulting editor for College Teaching. In addition, I am a recipient of Augustana’s Teaching Leadership Award and also of the UofA’s Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

My interest in this position arises from my passion for understanding how students learn and how our instructional efforts can best support their learning. The resources that STLHE provides educators in the form of the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, CELT, and the Green Guides have been invaluable in advancing higher education and I would be honoured to be able to lend my support to STLHE’s publications as Chair of the Standing Committee for Publications.