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Educational Developers Caucus



The Caucus defines itself as a community of practice with a mission to work within the aims and structure of the STLHE to facilitate the advancement and evolution of educational development as a field of practice and scholarship by communications, networking, professional development opportunities and advocacy strategies. For more information about the EDC, see “About the EDC“.

What’s New? (July 7, 2014)

  • EDC Annual Grants up to $2,500: Deadline July 14, 2014 and anytime grants of up to $1,000. See grants page for more info.
  • EDC 2015: Call for proposals. Due October 3, 2014.
  • Congratulations to Deb Dawson who started her second term as EDC Chair, and welcome to Carolyn Hoessler as our new Vice-Chair, Professional Development.
  • A BIG thank you to Paola Borin, who has generously served in the Vice-Chair, Professional Development role for two terms.
  • EDC General meeting: At STLHE 214, we had about 25-30 attendees and welcomed many new faces at the EDC GM, in addition to other active members.
  • The 2014 Approved Budget is now available.
  • The new EDC website is under development. We had a sneak peek at the EDC GM at STLHE 2015. Tentative launch date: August 2014.

Items of Interest

  • EDC 2016 Conference: Call for proposals. Read more if your institution is interested in hosting the 2016 EDC conference.
  • Educational Developers Must Reads: Submissions by EDC members and compiled by Natasha Hannon.
  • Educational Development Grants: Small grants (available now, deadline: anytime). See Paola’s email, dated April 3.
  • New EDC Website in the works: The EDC Executive has voted in agreement for a new website which will enable EDC members to use key terms to navigate and contribute directly to our rich resources, and allow more flexibility and interactivity. Volunteer Opportunity: Sign-up here: if you are interested in helping with the new website. Activities may include: providing input and feedback on design, information architecture and key terms; moving or creating content; and testing.
  • Maillist: Instructions on how to remove yourself from the maillist are at the bottom of each email. You need to use the exact email address that you submitted when joining EDC, or the current email address we have on file for you. 

Previous Website Updates (April 22, 2014)

  • EDC documents: AGM slides, Executive minutes to date, by-law amendment as approved at February’s AGM
  • Action Groups page: Updates as submitted by the groups (i.e. Education for Sustainability and Mentoring).
  • Community Resources page:
    • Added resources from EDC 2014 from session facilitators who sent in documents to share. Includes mentorship resources. (If you’re interested in doing so, please email the Vice-Chair, Communications (a) a PDF, *(b) names of facilitator(s) and (c) session title).
    • Added T&L Centres’ workplans as collected by Julie Timmermans. More are welcomed!
    • Created a “Job Descriptions” page
      Updated incorrect email addresses and other information on “T&L Centres List
      Revamped side-bar menus (March)

For any updates or contributions to the current EDC website or if you need assistance with the EDC maillist, contact Stephanie Chu, Vice-Chair, Communications.


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