Educational Developers Caucus



The Caucus defines itself as a community of practice with a mission to work within the aims and structure of the STLHE to facilitate the advancement and evolution of educational development as a field of practice and scholarship by communications, networking, professional development opportunities and advocacy strategies. For more information about the EDC, see “About the EDC“.

What’s New? (May 16, 2016)

  • Educational Developers Institute: Congratulations to Humber, Sheridan and U of T who will be hosting the Institute this October (17 & 18). Details to come. The call for 2017 will be coming shortly. 
  • EDC Executive: Thank you to everyone nominated for the EDC elections. Congratulations to Erika Kustra (incoming Chair) and Jaymie Koroluk (incoming Vice-Chair: Professional Development). Both will take on their roles in June at STLHE 2016 as we thank and bid farewell to Deb Dawson (current Chair) and Carolyn Hoessler (current VC, PD). 
  • EDC Coordinators: Congratulations and welcome to our new Coordinators
  • EDC Website: Thanks to Deb Dawson and the STLHE Board, we WILL have a new EDC website in coming months. A company has been identified. If you’re interested in being a tester/provide feedback, please contact Stephanie

Items of Interest

  • Thank you and congratulations to St. Clair College and the University of Windsor for an excellent EDC 2016!
  • Our first ED Guide launched at EDC 2016: Learn more about the guides and the Ed Developers Portfolio guide.
  • Mentoring Webinar Archives:“Moving on Up: Making transitions in your work as an educational developer”  was the first in a series of mentoring webinars planned to support the needs of developers in meeting their career goals. For these videos and a description of the upcoming webinar on January 26 from 12 to 1:30 pm EST, see the Mentoring page.  
  • Update on Action Groups: Educational Developers Portfolio, Mentoring and Education for Sustainability. The mentoring page includes links to video summaries of the first Webinar.
  • Magna Online Seminars: Save 20%! Each semester, Magna, a STLHE Partner, offers a variety of online seminars that address critical issues facing faculty and administrators. These live, interactive sessions feature leading educators and include opportunities for a healthy exchange of ideas between participants. The current list of seminars is available on the STLHE web site and for every STLHE member that uses our links to the seminars MAGNA contributes to STLHE. And, remember there’s never a charge for inviting colleagues to sit in!
  • The new EDC website is no longer under development due to unexpected challenges with the company for all STLHE sites.
  • Maillist: Instructions on how to remove yourself from the maillist are at the bottom of each email. You need to use the exact email address that you submitted when joining EDC, or the current email address we have on file for you.

For any updates or contributions to the current EDC website or if you need assistance with the EDC maillist, contact Stephanie Chu, Vice-Chair, Communications.


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