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Educational Developers Caucus



The Caucus defines itself as a community of practice with a mission to work within the aims and structure of the STLHE to facilitate the advancement and evolution of educational development as a field of practice and scholarship by communications, networking, professional development opportunities and advocacy strategies. For more information about the EDC, see “About the EDC“.

What’s New? (February 13, 2015)

  • Action Groups: Related community resource pages updated and summary document available. 
  • February 2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes: Please review and approve or edit at our AGM on Feb. 13.
  • Action Group page now links to topic-specific pages which include action group information and resources contributed by the EDC community.
  • Community Resources page and sub-menu rebuilt to house pages for different topics, all resources available at the same level and integrate the action groups and past Institute resources.
  • Addressed challenges with finding maillist information by creating “Maillist & Communications” link in left menu.
  • All meeting minutes including those for membership approval at our upcoming EDC AGM on Fri., Feb. 13 are located under, “Documents“.
  • Join us at the upcoming EDC 2015 conference. Lunch and the AGM are in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room), 210 University Centre on Friday, February 13 from 12:20 to 1:35 pm. Highlights:
    • EDC Action groups including the Educational Developers Dossier Action Group
    • Review of the Annual Budget
    • 2015 EDC Executive Elections process
      • Two EDC members will be elected at the AGM to serve on the nominations committee
      • End-of-term positions: Secretary, Vice-Chair Conferences and Vice-Chair, Communications
    • EDC dialogue on 1) the Living Plan and 2) Grants
  • Read the discussion paper by the Accreditation for Centres’ Courses or Programs action group. They will have a session at the EDC conference. For more information, see the associated webpage.

Items of Interest

  • 2015 EDC Institute at York University, Toronto, ON: For more information and to register.
  • Teaching & Learning Centres list: Updated and includes downloadable .pdf.
  • Grants projects: Table updated.
  • Mentorship Action Group: Meeting notes under, “Action Groups“.
  • Educational Development Grants: Small grants (available now, deadline: anytime). See grants page for more info.
  • Magna Online Seminars: Each semester, Magna, a STLHE Partner, offers a variety of online seminars that address critical issues facing faculty and administrators. These live, interactive sessions feature leading educators and include opportunities for a healthy exchange of ideas between participants. The current list of seminars is available on the STLHE web site and for every STLHE member that uses our links to the seminars MAGNA contributes to STLHE. And, remember there’s never a charge for inviting colleagues to sit in!
  • Educational Developers Must Reads: Submissions by EDC members.
  • More job descriptions and mentorship resources under “Community Resources” section.
  • Meeting minutes and GM slides under “About the EDC” –> “Documents.”
  • The new EDC website is no longer under development due to unexpected challenges with the company for all STLHE sites.
  • Maillist: Instructions on how to remove yourself from the maillist are at the bottom of each email. You need to use the exact email address that you submitted when joining EDC, or the current email address we have on file for you.

Previous Website Updates

For any updates or contributions to the current EDC website or if you need assistance with the EDC maillist, contact Stephanie Chu, Vice-Chair, Communications.


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