EDC Annual Conference

Call for EDC 2017 Hosts

The EDC executive is now accepting proposals from colleges and universities in Western Canada to host its 2017 Annual Conference (February 2017). We would be honoured if your institution would consider preparing a proposal to host this prestigious event. The EDC Annual Conference attracts educational developers and partnering companies and institutions from across the country, and last year we had over 130 delegates attend.  This presents a great opportunity for the host institution to showcase its approach to educational development. 

The deadline to submit your proposal is October 16, 2015.  

For more information on the annual conference and the host selection process, please visit http://www.stlhe.ca/constituencies/educational-developers-caucus/edc-conferences/

Looking forward to receiving your proposals.

EDC 2016: Educational Developers Without Borders

February 16-18, University of Windsor and St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario

Where we are matters. Location – geographical, metaphorical, political, or disciplinary – influences the mission and character of educational development. Such locations are determined by borders of many kinds, and the work of educational developers at times involves respecting, negotiating, crossing, redrawing, and even eradicating those borders.  The theme takes advantage of Windsor’s unique connection with Detroit, an American city that is famously one of the most challenging, and most intriguing urban laboratories in the world.

This conference will explore the borders that shape our choices, and how we get to “there” – however we envision that goal – from “here.”

Email us at edc2016@uwindsor.ca!

Information will be updated regularly: uwindsor.ca/edc2016


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