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EDC Annual Conference

Join us at EDC 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

EDC 2014′s theme was ”Conceptions of the profession: How institutional directions shape our practice”, and took place on:

February 19 – 21, 2014, University of Calgary and Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta

The mountain vistas, rolling foothills and fertile prairie of the Calgary region are symbolic of the practice of educational development. Collectively, we experience the ecstasy of majestic peaks and occasionally the confusion of hidden valleys as we grow our practice. In exploring the conceptions of our profession and how institutional directions shape our practice in diverse landscapes, we invite you to explore the following questions:

How do the strategic priorities of our institutions shape our approach to educational development?
What are our roles in shaping institutional priorities? What should they be? How do we position ourselves in our institutions to influence strategic decision-making about teaching and learning? On the spectrum of responsibilities from meeting the learning needs of individual teachers to facilitating institutional change, how do we reconcile the tensions that the expanding roles of educational development specialists can create? As institutional directions move to a greater focus on assessment of teaching performance, institutional accountability, e-learning and m-learning, how are the roles of educational developers, instructional designers, and curriculum specialists changing? To what degree to we want to harness these trends to shape how our profession is conceptualized?

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