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Teaching and Learning Canada

STLHE Extends Its Reach On Higher Education Issues

We are very excited to officially announce the creation of Teaching and Learning Canada/ Apprentissage Médiation Enseignement Canada (TLC/AME)*, a charitable arm of the Society where your donation is tax-deductible.


In essence, TLC/AME promotes the vision and goals of the STLHE by:

A.  Exploring some of the major questions in post-secondary education

  • How can educational systems be sustained?
  • What constitutes student success?
  • Are differentiated ‘teaching institutions’ in the best interests of the students?
  • What are the essential attributes of quality education?
  • Whose needs and expectations are not being met?
  • How do we engage students in the outcomes of their own learning?

B.  Sharing the results of these explorations with a wide audience, both nationally and overseas, through different activities, white papers and special events that contribute to the building of our communities, and celebrating what already works well for post secondary education.



The process described above will rely on evidence-based approaches, research methodologies and the scholarship of teaching and learning framework, which are consistent with the broad vision of STLHE.  Furthermore, TLC/AME will seek your input to achieve its goals in a number of ways.  For example, you will be asked to participate in membership surveys and online discussions, as well as in a variety of regional and national events. TLC/AME also intends to strengthen STLHE’s current affiliation and partnership with the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO),, Academics for Higher Education and Development (AHED), the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and the Academica Group.

We are also delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Christopher Knapper, STLHE founding President, as the inaugural Chair of the TLC/AME Advisory Committee. Chris will be identifying members of the Advisory Board who will support the work of TLC/AME and will outline how some of the near-term outcomes might be achieved at the Annual General Meeting in Montreal on June 21, 2012.

For more information

We invite STLHE members to engage with Chris Knapper and Arshad Ahmad by sharing their thoughts and ideas. Your input will shape the formative stages of TLC/AME and STLHE’s role in exploring major questions in post-secondary education.  Join us to help achieve this important milestone for STLHE!


*The acronym TLC might evoke a “Tender Loving Care” that mirrors the mentor relationship between student and teacher.  Although EAC (Enseignement et Apprentissage Canada) is a literal translation, it doesn’t quite have the same connotation.  Thus the name, AME (Apprentissage Médiation Enseignement) was suggested. AME also personifies an attitude to encourage our thinking, attitudes and work in French.